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Namaste Journeys is a boutique tour operator that specialises in responsible tourism ventures in the magical Kingdom of Nepal. Our team is made up of both western and local experts who have lived and travelled extensively throughout this beautiful country. We believe that the only way to truly experience a destination is through culturally immersive, grassroots experiences and we can’t wait to share Nepal with you!

Not only will you bear witness to Nepal’s most iconic sights and enchanting landscapes, but you’ll also support local communities and sustainable travel initiatives. Step into a Nepalese kitchen to try your hand at making mouth-watering momo dumplings, discover the eye-opening beliefs and traditions of Buddhism whilst staying at a Tibetan monastery and connect with local students and teachers whilst volunteering at a Kathmandu school.

Namaste Journeys is not your typical tourism experience, but an opportunity to connect with people directly and give back on a journey you’ll never forget. 5% of all trip costs go directly to supporting our Namaste Journeys sponsor school, helping to purchase much needed educational supplies, sporting equipment and meet monthly rental payments. There are few organisations where you can see first-hand where your funds are going and meet those whose lives you’re impacting.

Come with us on this life-changing journey to discover what makes Nepal such a captivating destination and will tempt you to return again and again.

Namaste Journeys

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Holi – Festival Of Colour

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Wildlife Journey

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Tihar – Festival of Lights

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