Trekking in the Himalayas

With breathtaking Himalayan views and once-in-a-lifetime encounters with remote rural communities, Nepal offers some of the world’s most spectacular multi-day treks. Not only is the country home to the world’s tallest peak and the legendary Everest Base Camp but also the staggeringly beautiful Annapurna Conservation Area. Aside from these world-renowned Nepalese treks, there are plenty of lesser-known regions to explore, including the mysterious Buddhist kingdom of Mustang and its striking desert landscapes.

 At Namaste Journeys, a multi-day trekking tour in Nepal is not just about the spellbinding scenery but giving back to local communities along the way. While women in rural Nepal traditionally stay at home and receive little education, our in-country trekking team is changing all that by providing training and employment to marginalised women to become trekking guides. These women will be your guides on your trekking journey.

 Aside from offering comprehensive training and field experience to their female guides, our in-country team also provides fair wages and is supporting the education of underprivileged girls. They’ve received numerous awards for their socially and environmentally responsible practices and are one of the few organisations in Nepal to impose weight limits for their assistants.

 By trekking with Namaste Journeys, you’ll be embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through some of the world’s most heart-stopping landscapes. But at the same time, you’ll be helping to support an innovative employment initiative that’s transforming women’s lives.

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