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Make a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged Nepali children while living in one of Asia’s most mesmerising cities – Kathmandu. Here, in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, you’ll assist local teaching staff while volunteering at a local school within the Kathmandu Valley.

In Nepal, education is often the privilege of a few (rather than a right for all) and the quality of teaching and access to resources is lacking. But it’s paramount to the development of the country, which is why volunteering on a teaching placement can have such a wide-reaching and long-lasting impact.

Aside from caring for the children and nurturing their educational needs, you’ll provide an inspiring presence for the children, many of which come from underprivileged families within the community. Teach basic English while encouraging conversation and assist them as they learn through games, music and song. There are also opportunities to teach maths, science, sports and the arts through creative educational methods, depending on your interests and experience. No formal teaching qualifications are required, just the ability to speak English fluently, patience, initiative, a good sense of humour and the ability to work with few resources.

This is an incredible opportunity to make a real contribution to the community while discovering life in Kathmandu – an intoxicating city filled with ancient temples, centuries old architecture and incredible UNESCO world heritage listed sites at your doorstep.



Meals included as per the itinerary


Private Vehicle for airport transfers, city tour and transfer to and from the placement on arrival and departure

Accommodation (twin share)

3 night pre placement and 1 night post placement in a guesthouse in Thamel

Volunteers while on placement will live with a host family located within approx 30 minute walk from the school. All volunteers, unless they chose otherwise will have their own room. All homes will have a toilet (may be an outside squat toilet) and generally with an outside tap to shower and wash.


Orientation briefing
24/7 Support
Entrance fees for all attractions included in itinerary


DAY 1 - Namaste and welcome to Nepal

On arrival, you will be met by your in-country team and transferred to your hotel in the tourist district of Thamel. From the moment you step off the plane, you’ll be mesmerised by the sights, sounds and smells of Kathmandu.

DAY 2 - Kathmandu

Over the next 2 days you’ll get to explore some of Kathmandu’s famous ancient monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the culture and customs of the local Nepalese people.

You will start the morning with cultural and language classes, orientation and a few “do’s and dont’s” to help you relax into this exciting new country.

Spend the afternoon watching the golden glow wash over the Kathmandu Valley as the sun sets on the Swayambhunath Monkey Temple. According to legend, the Kathmandu Valley was once a lake (geographical evidence supports this) and the hill on which Swayambhunath now sits spontaneously rose from the waters. Hence the name Swayambhu, which means “self-risen”.


DAY 3 - Kathmandu Valley

This morning after breakfast you will make your way to Nepal’s most sacred Hindu temple, Pashupatinath. Set on the banks of the holy Bagmati River (just as Varanasi is positioned on the Ganges), Pashupatinath is an open-air crematorium that is accessible to the public. Sadhus and devotees of the Hindu God Shiva are often found here worshipping and, if you’re lucky, you may get the chance to have a photo or two taken with one of these famous dreadlocked holy men.

After Pashupatinath, you will head to Boudhanath – the largest stupa in Nepal and the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside of Tibet. The original stupa was built sometime after AD 600 but was reconstructed again in the 14th century after being wrecked by Mughal invaders. Boudhanath is an impressive monument and thousands of pilgrims gather daily to make a kora (ritual circumnavigation) of the dome under the watchful eyes of Buddha, which gaze out from the square tower.


DAY 4 - Orientation at your school

This morning you will be transferred to your placement within the Kathmandu Valley (approx. 1 hour) with a member of our in-country team who will give you an orientation of your school, introduce you to your host family and the area which you will be living and ensure that you are settled into your new home for the duration of your placement.

Living with a local family is truly a unique experience and alongside with volunteering at the school a great way to immerse yourself within the local community. It’s an amazing opportunity to observe, learn and experience a new lifestyle and culture and a great way to practice both your Nepali language and local cooking skills. Your host family will be located in a beautiful semi -rural village at the south east end of the Kathmandu Valley, within approx. a 30 minute walk to your school. There are also local buses available to get you to and from the school each day.


DAY 5 - Sunday – Friday Volunteering

Today you will put your teaching skills to the test as your volunteer placement begins. Here you will be met by the smiling faces of your dedicated students and fellow teachers. Spend the day attending lessons and interacting with the young learners as you discover the challenges of education in Nepal and the role you are playing in offering a brighter future.

A typical day at school begins with school assembly around 9.30am, and school finishing at around 4.00pm. As a volunteer your primary responsibility will be to teach English in a creative manner to lower secondary levels (classes 5- 8), by organising creative English activities e.g. story writing, poetry, reading groups etc.
There will also be the opportunity to teach educational songs and games to the younger levels (classes Nursery- 7)

Depending on the school’s requirement, you may be working as the sole teacher in the classroom or in partnership with a Nepali teacher. You may also find that due to the number of teaching volunteers, that you will be the only volunteer in a placement. Wherever possible, we ask that you work in partnership with the local teachers, introducing them to new, practical teaching techniques and creative learning ideas, rather than teaching in their place. The more work you can do with the teachers, ultimately, the greater number of children will benefit from your placement.


Saturday - Free Day

Saturday’s are your free days.
There is so much to discover in and around the Kathmandu Valley. Spend the day back in Thamel where you can wander the little laneways at your leisure, browse the local supermarket or organise to go to the cinema and watch one of the latest Bollywood films. Visit one of Nepal’s rich UNESCO listed heritage sites including Durbar Square, Patan or the medieval city of Bhaktapur. If you are feeling adventurous you may like to experience a scenic Everest flight or enjoy a day hike to the hilltop village of Nagakot, known for its spectacular panoramic views of the Himalayas.


Additional weeks (Sunday - Friday)

Choosing to volunteer for a longer duration will not only allow you to acquire a deeper understanding of the local culture and language, but more importantly the longer you spend in the classroom the greater the rapport you will have with your students and the greater impact you will have on their education.     

Last Day

You will be transferred back to your hotel in Thamel. Spend the afternoon drinking chai in one of the many hip courtyard cafes, fill your backpack full with some last-minute shopping and reflect on what has truly been a once in a lifetime journey.


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