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The Team at Namaste Journeys

Namaste Journeys is a team of both local and western individuals who have a deep passion for Nepal, its people and its enchanting culture. We are dedicated to creating enriching experiences for travellers to this fascinating country, while bringing sustainable benefits to local communities.

Our head guides have years of experience traveling throughout Nepal and working with local organisations on developmental projects. Their role is to bridge the cultural divide, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in everything Nepal has to offer. Their involvement in non-profit projects has equipped them with the skills and knowledge to create meaningful experiences for both visitors and the Nepalese communities we encounter, ensuring sustainable and long-term benefits.

Our local guides are those who have Nepal running through their veins, having been born and raised in its towns and villages. They bring their love and passion for Nepal to the team at Namaste Journeys, together with local insights and language skills that will draw you closer to its people and landscapes. Some guides will travel with you throughout your journey, while others will join us at particular destinations to share their knowledge and culture with you.

Namaste Journeys Founder and Journey Leader

After embarking on a volunteer experience in Kathmandu a little over 16 years ago, Alicia fell in love with Nepal and its compelling culture. Over the years she has worked directly with a few selected schools in Kathmandu, which make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, regardless of caste, gender or religion. She has worked hard raising funds within her local community to create a sustainable source of funding to purchase supplies and meet rental needs and to rebuild some classrooms after the 2015 earthquakes.

She wanted to share this project and Nepal with other like-minded individuals, which is where the concept for Namaste Journeys was born.

By offering unique travel experiences throughout Nepal, combined with rewarding volunteer opportunities and cultural encounters, Alicia hopes to offer visitors a deeper insight into this magical country that has seen her return again and again.


Local Journey Leader

Having been born and raised in a small village on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Jaya knows Nepal intimately. His love for the Himalayas drew him to become a trekking guide at an early age and he’s now been a passionate tour leader for the past 15 years.

Jaya’s warm personality and perceptive intuition make him an invaluable part of the team at Namaste Journeys and he’s passionate about sharing Nepal’s diverse cultures, religions and traditions with you.

Local Driver at Namaste Journeys

Known affectionately by our travellers as MBG – NAP (Never a problem).
MB has been driving the streets of Nepal for over a decade and knows how to get to even the most obscure destinations. He’s parking skills are also unparalleled as he squeezes into the most narrow of lane ways in Kathmandu.

A very safe and cautious driver, MB is an invaluable part of the Namaste Journeys team as he takes great pride in ensuring our travellers are well looked after.

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 Come with us as we explore together the sights, sounds and magic of Nepal.

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