Come with us on a Journey….

Immerse yourself in Nepal’s captivating cultures and spectacular natural beauty on a journey of a lifetime. Witness the sights that have lured countless travellers to its Himalayan landscapes and venture off-the-beaten track to experience its diverse peoples and traditions.

 Become part of the community whilst volunteering at a local school in Kathmandu and learn the art of making the perfect momo dumplings with a Nepalese family. Discover the country’s rich religious beliefs whilst admiring centuries old architecture and ancient monuments. 

Join us on a rewarding adventure to get a unique perspective on what makes Nepal such an enchanting destination.


Let us take you on a journey, where snowcapped Himalayas soar above the clouds and prayer flags whisper their messages out to the gods.

A fusion of ancient cultures and ethnic tribes, Nepal is a feast for the senses, fragranced by swirling incense and ignited by colour and ritual.

Be enraptured by the majesty of its sacred architecture and heritage-listed squares, the serenity and excitement of its jungles and the enthralling spirituality of this magical Himalayan Kingdom.

Experience Nepal’s colourful festivals


Are you ready to turn your Nepal dream into a reality?